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Who we are

We at FBIL are here to create an advanced alternative source of income to people of all levels of life and at the same time provide bill payment products and services that enhance the environment of planet and ultimately franchisees on spending less on bills. We have an e-commerce experience and are here to provide a platform for you to create a sustainable alternative source of income and be financially free. Here; we believe that financial freedom is power.

FBIL is an international smart channel, leveraging on the world’s most lucrative, largest and ever evolving industries like E-commerce, bill payment business, telecommunications and franchisee marketing through advanced technology and open doors of massive earnings to its franchisee’s worldwide. It is a fully registered company with the Certificate of Incorporation, Trading License, Tin Certificate and has a Partnership Agreement with electricity and water organizations in Uganda, Government agencies like U.R.A, K.C.C.A plus other major networks like Mtn and Airtel .It also has a Partnership Agreement with Cable t.v companies in Uganda like Dstv and Gotv, and FBIL has ongoing negotiation with shopping, booking, banking, ticketing, transport and insurance companies.

FBIL Certificate Of Registration

FBIL Certificate Of Incorporation

FBIL Trading Licence