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Refund Policy

Products and services transmitted and sold by and affiliates on this Site consist of bill subscription and mobile recharge to mobile phones and related services such as Mobile Money and online banking. These services are provided on behalf of the mobile carriers available on the Site, which are subject to change and availability. The relevant mobile carrier is responsible for the provision of bill subscription, mobile recharge, mobile money  and online banking services are solely liable to you and the FBIL recipient.

Once the transaction has been confirmed and payment has been successfully made, the FBIL bill subscription and mobile recharge are instantly transmitted and sent by Flaren Billvantage International (FBIL) Limited to the input mobile number. There may be an occasional short time lapse before the bill subscription and mobile recharge is done by the relevant mobile carrier. A detailed confirmation email will be sent once the transaction is complete.

Because of the immediate use nature of a bill subscription and mobile recharge, once a transaction has been completed and the bill subscription and mobile recharge sent to the cited mobile number, it cannot be modified, cancelled, refunded or removed. All transactions are final and any/all refunds are not available. Once sent, bill subscription and mobile recharge cannot be refunded or removed from the receiving phone. Please check that the mobile money number entered is correct and active prior to completing the transaction.