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How it works

FBIL gives you the opportunity to make millions of money daily, weekly and monthly habitually that is subscribing for utility bills like water, electricity, Dstv, Gotv,Startimes, paying for government agencies like K.C.C.A,U.R.A and buying and selling of airtime and data.


FBIL operates in partnership with the major telecom network in Uganda: MTN.

Also incorporated into it are on-going services like subscribing for airtime, data, paying for utilities and government agencies.

Once you join the business, you will have access to your dashboard, where you can be able to subscribe for airtime, utility and government agency bills.

FBIL members are called “Franchisees” who earn a residual income.

Other services being smartly franchised here are free trainings, leverage system, lifetime business, 24/7 customer service, transparency and enjoy convenience.


NOTE: It’s NOT COMPULSARY to refer someone before you can earn on FBIL platform. Even if you have not referred any franchisee, you will be PAID instant cash back for joining the platform and still be given instant cash back every time you subscribe for airtime, data, utility bills like electricity and water then paying for cable T.Vs like Dstv, Gotv and government agency bills like K.C.C.A, U.R.A depending on the percentage of the package you are at.